THF! 2016 Temporary Program

Hacking with care 

  • Reimbodiement for cyberbeing (Karin Rathle)
  • Crypto-dance (writing, performing, teaching) (Bolwerk and Goldjian)
  • Emotional intelligence (Anne/ politics and care)

Decolonial technologies  

  • Speculative and Visionary fiction writing and storytelling night
    (contact: L’Euguelione, Catherine Alexandre);
  • Round table/ panel on decolonial technologies (Stoop, Angela, TAG concordia, Indeginous Futures, Metis in Space (radio), Whitefeather etc.) 

Autonomy of infrastructure 

  • Techno-libre 
  • Feminist server (Bolwerk and ? ) 
  • Data center / Feminist Server field trip (contact Koumbit) 
  • Feminist sound (dj, sound, soldering, feminist radio)

Feminist and queer pedagogies 


  • Imagining our Safe(r) Space workshop  
  • What it means Feminist and Queer Pedagogies  
  • All day: Workshop on Consent (Alys)